How to get your steam on, FIREDISC® style

We’ll never decline the opportunity to show you how easy it is to cook in your FIREDISC® cooker. Whip up Dreamed Of Steamed Broccoli or Todd’s Terrific Florida-Style Steam. Or something else magical. You’ll need the Ultimate Steaming Grate and Ultimate Flattop Lid for this.

  1. Add water

Easy, right? Fill up your ‘disc with some clean, fresh H20.

  1. Get the grate

Place this marvel in the water in your cooker. There you go.

  1. Turn it up

Medium heat works best. No rush.

  1. Apply the food

Lobster tails, corn on the cob, crab legs, potatoes … dream big.

  1. Lower the lid

Top it all off with the lid custom-built for FIREDISC® excellence..

  1. Follow your recipe

You know what to do. Steaming times vary. Use that vent on the lid if needed.

  1. Enjoy

Once the food steams, that’s where the dreams come true. Let’s eat.

Once your food absorbs the steam inside your FIREDISC® cooker, delicious things happen. The Ultimate Steaming Grate and Ultimate Flattop Lid have changed the game. Let’s eat.