Necessary Accessories to Use for an Outdoor Griddle

Posted on Mar 19, 2019


FireDisc griddle enthusiasts are always on the lookout for unique new ways to enhance the outdoor cooking experience and add new culinary capabilities. To aid this effort, we’ve compiled a list of a wide range of exciting griddle products designed to take your backyard chef skills to the next level. Read more below to learn about incorporating heavy-duty spatulas, durable griddle scrapers, griddle covers, windscreens and everything in between into your tailgating or barbecuing routine.   

If you routinely use your FireDisc griddle to fry, saute or grill delicious recipes to perfection, you’ll need to check out some of the essential griddle tools and accessories below. These tools offer a flexible and easy way to aid even seasoned grill masters with enhancing the full range of the griddle experience, including: 


  • Cooking 

  • Cleaning 

  • Seasoning 

  • Re-surfacing 

  • Transporting 

  • Storage and more 


Get Started with Some Essential Griddle Utensils   

Griddle accessories allow you to customize your cooking experience to suit your unique tastes and desires. Let’s begin with a quick rundown of some essential griddle tools. No griddle cooking tool kit is complete without the following items which not only help you craft great meals but also help keep your griddle clean, seasoned and well-maintained year-round: 


  • Heat-resistant gloves to protect your hands during the cooking process 

  • Durable griddle scrapers to make the clean-up process quick and easy 

  • High-quality tongs help cook your food evenly 


After adding these essentials to your griddle cooking tool kit, you’re ready to whip up some incredible dishes for friends and family wherever your outdoor adventures take you. From a full breakfast of eggs, pancakes and sausages to turkey, cheese and grilled onion panini sandwiches, chicken quesadillas, savory steaks and more, you’ll be ready to feed a hungry army of guests at any time or place. 

Next-Level Griddle Products for Your FireDisc  

We’ve covered some of the basic tools above, but when you’re ready to incorporate some additional popular accessories into your FireDisc griddle’s bag of tricks, consider adding versatile equipment including, but not limited to: 


  • Basting covers which help quickly lock in savory flavors and keep meats juicy 

  • Egg rings to help craft perfect eggs on the griddle every time 

  • A lightweight carrying bag to make transporting your FireDisc quick and easy 

  • Durable wooden cutting boards to help you easily chop veggies 

  • A windscreen to keep your griddle performing well on blustery days 

  • A wooden-handled griddle press to add unique grill marks to your meats  


These accessories add ultimate versatility to your FireDisc griddle experience and are also a great gift idea for your household outdoor chef or griddle enthusiast. Add a few new tools at a time and don’t be afraid to experiment with new accessories to help you create some exciting and creative recipes. Keep your outdoor griddle a staple part of your hiking, camping and tailgating cooking experience for years to come when you incorporate some of the versatile tools above.