Should I join FIREDISC® Nation?

Have an achievement — such as a Lowcountry boil that killed it at the block party? Want to show off your first cook? Have a question about seasoning your ‘disc? There’s a place you can go …


And a group you can join. The kind of kickass chefs you want as buddies make up FIREDISC Nation. Need more reasons? Here are five.


  1. First cooks

We bust a bottle of champagne across the hull of a ship before she sets sail. The least we could do is crush a beer can on an unseasoned cooker out of the box. To see what other FIREDISC® chefs prepare on a maiden voyage is to peer straight into Americana.


  1. Curiosity

Is mine supposed to look like this? If you’re curious about anything, ask. You’ll get thoughtful answers and a couple of wiseacres. Funny ones, though.


  1. Inspiration

FIREDISC® Nation has an influx of showboats. This is a good thing. Check out the magic they brew and see if you can concoct some of your own.


  1. Vids

Not those kinds. The Nation likes the bright lights of the small screen, and it gives you a chance to see how it’s done.


  1. Fellowship

There are families, singles, Yankees, and rebels. Vegetarians and card-carrying carnivores. They mix it up on the back deck and on the boat deck, and no matter where they come from, they come here. It’s nice to belong.