Steam it like you mean it: 5 reasons to start steaming

In the battle to fit in more healthy eating, your FIREDISC® cooker can help. Sure, it can fry like a champion, but your favorite cooker can also steam with the best of them. Here are reasons to give steam cooking a shot.

  1. It holds in goodness

Cooking with steam helps preserve color, fiber, flavor, and texture. Also, many water-soluble vitamins and minerals such as:

  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin C
  •  B & C vitamins
  • Zinc


  1. It helps digestion

Did you know steaming softens fiber in food? It makes it easier for your stomach to digest. It’s easier for your body to absorb natural nutrients from food when it’s softer.


  1. Tougher to overcook

It’s not impossible, but it’s a more delicate method than frying or grilling. It’s less likely you’ll burn food by steam, but stick to cooking times to avoid a mushy result.


  1. It’s quick and easy

Add water, bring to boil, add fish (or veggies), and eat. It’s pretty easy. With the Ultimate Flattop Lid and Ultimate Steaming Grate, you can put on a FIREDISC® Low Country Boil in a snap, too. (Or this Floridian version.)


  1. It’s about as versatile as your FIREDISC®

We’ve talked about veggies and fish. But you can toss chicken, desserts, dumplings, fruit, meat, potatoes, shellfish, and more. Reheating is a snap, without impacting quality, taste, and texture. Serve it up, piping hot.


If you’ve made the observation that steaming can boost your dinnertime choices, you’ve done well. Steaming is hot. Steaming is cool. And you’re going to serve up something scrumptious when you start.