The FIREDISC version of camping is cooler. Here’s what to pack

Whether it’s a Grand Canyon excursion or your local state park, one thing’s sure: your FIREDISC® cooker is up to the task. But it’s not like you can drag your favorite ‘disc and weapons out and go. You need other stuff, too.

A tent, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads

  • Plan on 20 square feet for each person sleeping in the tent, unless you’re prepared to camp like sardines.
  • In summer, look for +30° and higher. Be sure you have camping sleeping bags instead of backpacking models. They’re roomier.
  • Pads are critical for cushion and insulation, to keep you off the hard ground and warm if the night gets chilly.

Camp rug, tablecloth, clips, and a camping clothesline

  • Keep dirt and mud out of your RV and tents with this camp rug.
  • There are fancy tablecloths and weights to keep them in place. All you need is a dollar-store version and some duct tape.
  • Get one made for camping, not your garden variety clothesline. Outdoors models can withstand wind and carry heavy items.

FIREDISC cooker, propane tanks, and cooking accessories

Dinnerware, cups, and a sharp knife

A cooler, cutting board, and food storage

Accessory storage, water jugs, and binoculars

Field guides, a good read, and a notebook

  • For the book on all things camping, you’ll be hard-pressed to top the Pendleton Field Guide to Camping. You’ll get lost in it making sure you’re not lost out of it.
  • Hands down, our choice is Jack London’s Call of the Wild. It’ll mean something new to you as a grownup.
  • There’s a balance between remaining in the moment and recording the experience. It’s in the pages of The Camping Logbook.

Games, dry bags, and a toiletry bag

A first-aid kit, sunscreen, and sunglasses

A sunhat, insect repellent device, and camping chairs


That ought to do it. Camping excursions are always part planned, part experiment. Enjoy the adventure.