The ultimate FIREDISC® holiday gift guide

What is the perfect FIREDISC® gift for the holidays?

That depends on who you are shopping for. But one thing’s clear: There’s something for everyone on your shopping list from FIREDISC®.

Now’s the perfect time to start thinking about this, too. Don’t be the one who scrambles for what’s left at the big box on Christmas Eve day. With a little planning, you can pair the ideal gift with everyone on your shopping list.

You might even get invited over when that person fires up their new FIREDISC®. If your loved ones already have a FIREDISC® (and the most lovable loved ones usually do), you can help them to accessorize their ‘disc, with everything from cooking weapons to disc decals to the most handsome ball caps on earth.

What to get the people in your life from FIREDISC®

For him

The original FIREDISC® 36-inch tall portable propane cooker

Start with the basics. This classic cooker can change a fella’s life. You decide whether the Fire Engine Red or Black model is a better fit. This baby is set to cook it all and keep him occupied season to season.



Ultimate Forking Tool

It’s the latest and greatest cooking weapon in the arsenal. It’s also the perfect way to branch off into a new lifestyle of cooking.


For her

Original FIREDISC® 24-inch short portable propane cooker

What a way to get started in FIREDISC® life. This compact champ will give her all she needs to host the best holiday get-together ever or a weekend at the beach. Warning: Your oven and stove will likely get jealous of the time she spends with the ‘disc.


Ultimate Frying Weapon

It’s not easy to narrow down which accessory to gift with her cooker. We vote for the Ultimate Frying Weapon – and figure it’ll only be a matter of time before the other weapons follow.


For the hunter

Sportsman Bundle

Its the cooker ready to roll for hunting season. It comes with a 4-foot conversion adapter hose with gauginator, an Ultimate Frying Weapon, and a FIREDISC® attack camo decal 3-pack. It’ll become a must-have item for the huntsman who likes his game as fresh as possible.


FIREDISC® universal cover

It’s made of highly durable 1680 denier PVC-coated weatherproof material. Not sure what that is? Just know that it’s a worthy protector for your way-worthy cooker.


For the fisherman

Summer Bundle

A summer bundle, in winter? Only with FIREDISC®. Haul it on the boat, on the dock, or anywhere lakeside or riverside. You get the universal cover and Ultimate Frying Weapon, which will get you started with the fresh catch of the day.


Fish key

It’s the tool that can handle just about anything fishing, camping, and the general outdoors. Includes a bottle opener, hook remover, line cutter, ruler, serrated edge, wrench, and more.


For the Overland

Camping RV Bundle

Whether they take it to the wilderness or a local campground near the 24-hour grocery, they’ll have all they need. The 24-inch short portable propane cooker comes with a 6-pack of mixed seasonings, living the life FIREDISC® koozie 3-pack, and a wind helmet for the elements.


The Ultimate Gripping Weapon

You’ve got the fajitas on the ‘disc, beer in the cooler, and the great outdoors all around. This marvel of cooking science will become your go-to in no time.


For the Family

The Household Bundle

This jet-black beauty will be the most popular addition to any family (sorry, new family dog.) It comes with an Ultimate Frying Tool. For weekend cookouts, camping trips, block parties, and more. A FIREDISC® on every patio … that’s our vision for a beautiful America.

Gift card

In denominations from $50 to $1,000, a gift card alleviates family strife that comes with picking which weapon to give them. Let them all get FIREDISC® caps and T-shirts. Happy holidays.


For your FIREDISC® friends

Accessory bundle

Elevate your friends’ FIREDISC® game in one fell swoop. This includes the Ultimate Cooking Weapon and Ultimate Frying Weapon, plus a wind helmet to keep the flame burning.


Now this is a happy holiday

FIREDISC®s coast to coast have been cooking up smiles and happiness all year round. What better gift to give than a FIREDISC® or FIREDISC® accessories? There’s a reason Santa Claus wears FIREDISC® red, you know. Time to gift.