Tips for the world’s greatest nachos

It’s easy to throw some cheese on some chips and call it nachos. FIREDISC® chefs are famous for not leaving it at that, as you know. Here are five ways to elevate your nachos to legendary status.

  1. Be choosy about chips

Chips are the cornerstone of killer nachos — so why build your kingdom on a flimsy foundation? Get the heavy restaurant-style chips for structural integrity. (If you’re serious about nacho construction, this will make sense.)

  1. Create a cheese shield

Bake chips before the main event with crumbled or grated cheese sprinkled on top, for a few minutes. The result: A delicious buckler to keep chips chippy beneath toppings. It’s like hardwood flooring for nachos.

  1. Go big-time on the beans

Use canned beans, get canned quality. It takes 20 minutes to make your own on the FIREDISC®. They’ll bring major zip to your ‘chos.

  1. Avoid cans all together

They’re a tempting time-saver, but canned olives will degrade your nachos, too. They’re a common addition, but unless you’re a steadfast fan, steer clear. Whatever veggies you add — jalapenos, olives, red bell peppers, etc. — get ‘em fresh. 

  1. Good cheeses are the key … zes

For the love of Flip Pallot and all things holy, never EVER use the canned cheese! Cheddar and Monterrey Jack melt like champions; get the blocks and shred yourself. Or, go next level and make this one beforehand.