Top 4 Gifts for the BBQ Lover in Your Life

Whether they’re smoking brisket in the backyard or grilling veggies on the deck, the BBQ enthusiast in your life deserves a gift that’s as special as what they bring to the table. The FireDisc cooker makes outdoor cooking versatile and fun in the backyard and on the go—and our suggested accessories make it even better. Turn up the grilling game with these top four gifts for the BBQ lover in your life.

Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer

A smart wireless meat thermometer gives grill aficionados the power to monitor the temperature of their meats from afar. That means more time mingling with guests and less time babysitting the grill. Bluetooth-enabled thermometers pair with your phone and provide real-time alerts when the meat hits the desired temp.

The key benefit of a wireless meat thermometer is its convenience and accuracy. There’s no more guessing if the chicken has cooked through or if the pork shoulder has reached pull-apart tenderness.

Heavy-Duty Tongs

A pair of heavy-duty tongs is the perfect gift for the BBQ lover in your life because it makes handling hot, heavy, or slippery foods on the grill easier. Use our Ultimate Tongs to flip fish, sausages, bacon, venison steaks, and more. These heavy-duty tongs feature a stainless steel construction that offers exceptional durability and resistance to rust and corrosion.

The extra-long handles keep the user’s hands farther away from the grill’s intense heat. They also make it easier to manage food anywhere on the FireDisc grill. This well-designed utensil comes with a hanger hook to keep the tongs nearby and out of the way.

Cooker Cover

A cooker cover protects your cooker from UV rays, rain, and other outdoor elements. It also keeps the cooker clear of leaves and other natural debris so that it’s ready to fire up at a cookout.

FireDisc’s universal covers protect the entire cooker. Consisting of highly polyester, these covers are waterproof and UV resistant, reliably protecting the porous cooking surface from moisture. Choose between jet black, fireman red, and realtree timber camo colors.

Wind Guard

Nothing disrupts an otherwise pleasant grilling session like unexpected gusts of wind. A sturdy wind guard shields the flames from the whims of the weather, allowing for an even and uninterrupted cooking process.

With the Wind Guard Helmet, the wind won’t put a damper on your next barbecue. The accessory sits securely in place to keep the flame facing the FireDisc cooker. It’s easy to use and makes cooking on breezy days easier and faster.

A smart meat thermometer, heavy-duty tongs, cooker cover, and wind guard are great gifts that improve the grilling experience. Shop with us for practical, durable, and high-quality outdoor griddle accessories for the FireDisc. These tools will take the user’s grilling to the next level and make shared meals even better.