What is the perfect steak for the FIREDISC®?

If you’re inviting them over for a steak dinner … you’ll want to serve *Steak*. Not … steak.

There’s a colossal difference. Bite into an eye fillet or sirloin, that’s a whole other world from a plate of round steak or skirt steak.

One seemingly melts in your mouth; the other wears out your jaws. It won’t matter how splendid your spice blend is, or if you use only the holiest of techniques created by Texas cookers and ordained by a grilling guru atop Mt. Fiji – a tough steak is a tough steak.

Heed our advice here and your days of shoe-leather dinners will be a thing of the past. Honestly, what’s worse than dreaming of steak bliss, and in reality chewing on a cut of meat that puts thoughts of converting to vegetarianism in your head? It is possible to cook the wrong steak the wrong way. No thank you.

Are grill marks the markers of a greatly cooked steak?

Common grillers consider grill marks as iconic, the symbol of culinary conquest and badge of badass beefery. It’s the Maillard reaction, an indication of a perfect sear to a cut of meat, yet, superficially so. Wouldn’t you rather have such perfection going from edge to edge of your steak, and not just in a criss-cross pattern of hit or miss? FIREDISC can do that.

How to pick and grill the perfect steak in your FIREDISC Cooker

A little fat, a little lean

Find that happy spot between one swole steer and a cut of beef taken from the couch potato of cattle. There should be a marbling of fat in the meat, but not a full-on blubber onslaught.

Go with filet mignon for the tenderest of steaks; for a blend of tender and flavorful, the strip sirloin is your calling. Looking for the legendary? If steaks were a state in the U.S., an image of the rib eye would adorn the state flag. The ribeye cap is the royal cut among steaks. That’s that beautiful crescent of tender meat beside the fat ribbon outside the eye of the steak.

Understanding steak terms

Look for the USDA label, and choose a cut about 1 to 1 ½-inch thick.

CHUCK & ROUND | These cuts need marinade and slow cooking. They’re not grill-ready as-is.

CHOICE & PRIME | The kings of steak grades. Be sure these words are on the package.

LOIN & RIB | Made for the grill and for a tender, tender result.

ENHANCED & NATURAL | The first includes injections of additives (flavoring, salt, or tenderizer). Natural means no additives, colors, or preservatives.

Prep tips

LET IT REST | Before grilling, rest the steak until it reaches room temperature. A steak with cool spots won’t grill evenly. After grilling, let it rest again for about the same time that it cooked. This allows juices to redistribute. Plus, residual heat cooks the steak for a few minutes.

REASON FOR SEASON | Some like a heavy rub of mixed seasonings on their steak. Others like a simple brush of olive oil, pepper, and salt. Try chili powder, garlic powder, or paprika. Add seasoning just before grilling to prevent the steak from drying out before you get started.

High heat for delicious meat

Crank up your FIREDISC for the main event. Max heat of about 450-500 degrees will carmelize the steak surface, locking in flavor. You’ll get that golden-brown look which means the outside has a bit of crispiness and a ton of tenderness to savor inside.

This beautiful char takes about 4-5 minutes before you flip it for an additional 3-5 minutes for a medium-rare steak. Leave it 5-7 minutes for medium, and 8-10 minutes for medium-well. Don’t flip it more than once – keep that baby on the hot surface as much as possible.

Now you have a great steak

Play it right, and you’ll have a juicy, tender steak with loads of flavor. There’s plenty of ways a grilled steak can go sideways – but the result of a bit of skilled cookery yields a pretty delicious, bright cherry-red colored result. We suggest serving it with grilled asparagus, a parker house roll, and a glass of cabernet sauvignon.

FIREDISC and steak: a beautiful pair

A FIREDISC cooker gives your steak that even Maillard reaction for the ultimate in taste. It’ll grill your steak to perfection, drawing in a bit of that ‘disc seasoning and the perfect temperature for a sensational sizzle. Choose your black or red, short, or tall FIREDISC today – it’ll change your culinary life.