Where To Buy An Outdoor Portable Griddle

So you know that you want a FIREDISC® outdoor griddle. You love the compact design and the versatile, high-caliber carbon-steel cooking surface. You want that seasoned, cooked-in flavor and the ease of cooking with clean propane. You want a portable grill that is just as useful on hunting or fishing trips as it is in your own back yard. Now you just need to know where to get one. That’s where we come in. Let us guide you quickly through the entire process.

Buying Online

If you want to order your portable FIREDISC® griddle online, it’s never been easier. We sell everything you need right on our website, and you can have it shipped directly to your house. We ship all over the country and offer multiple shipping options so that you can decide exactly how you want it to arrive.

Online purchasing makes it easy to browse through all of the different models and accessories, which include:

You can also customize your griddle so that it is perfect for you. We offer deep or shallow cooking surfaces, short and tall stands, and multiple diameters. If your order is over $475, we offer completely free shipping.

Buying At The Store

If you do not want to buy the FIREDISC® outdoor griddle online and you’d prefer to check it out in person, we have partners and retailers all over the country. Just visit our Where to Buy page and it will connect you with the closest dealers to your location.

Finding the right dealer is easy. You can look at the overall map, enter your ZIP code or enter your address. The site does the rest. In a second, you’ll see every dealer near your current location, ranked by total distance. You’ll be thrilled to find that a dealer is usually just a few miles away.

Generally speaking, you can find FIREDISC® in all area hardware stores and outdoor shops. Examples include True Value hardware stores, Ace Hardware stores, lumber centers, RV dealerships, building supply stores, hot tub dealerships, garden centers and much more. Just use the quick search feature on our site to find the closest location or drop in the next time you’re running errands, and you can check out the ultimate griddle in person.

Learn More

If you have any questions about this portable FIREDISC® griddle, from where to buy to what accessories you need, please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll help you set up the perfect order. You’ll be cooking in no time!