Firedisc is an easily portable, low hassle, long lasting grill that has endless possibilities when it comes to grilling. Our story starts when brothers Hunter and Griff Jaggard were always avid outdoor enthusiasts, living an active lifestyle that included many hunting, fishing, camping and tailgating adventures. But preparing breakfast, lunch, or dinner outside was always a pain point in an otherwise enjoyable excursion. Frustrated by the lack of adequate cooking tools and methods to prepare delicious meals for friends and family outdoors, the brothers reimagined what cooking outside could be… and it didn’t take long to turn that commiseration into inspiration for a product that would go on to disrupt the barbecue and grill market.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, FIREDISC® is a national product designer, manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of innovative outdoor cooking products. From portable propane cookers and durable accessories, to heavy duty utensils and apparel, FIREDISC® offers products that make cooking outside accessible, easy and fun for everyone – because time with friends and family is more valuable than ever. Built to haul and “cook it all”, FIREDISC® Cookers can cook anything you throw at them and be taken anywhere you dream up. Whether it is a quick meal at home in the backyard or a weekend gathering on the go, FIREDISC® makes good food great.


Gather 'Round | FIREDISC Cookers


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