Portable Tailgate BBQ Grill in Lubbock TX

Kick your tailgating game up a notch with the innovative FireDisc Cooker, created by a couple of Texas boys who know what grilling is about. This Lubbock portable tailgate BBQ grill raises the bar for taste and food quality in outdoor cooking, and it breaks down into three compact pieces so you’ll never have to stress about how to transport your grill again.

The FireDisc Cooker was built to make outdoor cooking simple and easy while still delivering top-quality food production. That’s why this portable tailgate BBQ grill in Lubbock TX was tested and approved by renowned culinary experts and top chefs before being sold to you. The carbon steel pan gives you the excellent flavor and seasoning of your cast-iron skillet at home, so you can really impress your buddies at your next tailgate party.

Be the Envy of the Tailgate with the New Lubbock Portable Tailgate Cooker

FireDisc Cookers was founded by Texas entrepreneurs Griff and Hunter Jaggard when they tried one day to turn a tractor plow disc into a grill. That makeshift cooker has become the portable tailgate cooker in Lubbock TX that’s built to last and keep giving you an excellent BBQ experience for years. 

Bring along a small can of green propane for fuel and some water for quick cleanup and you’re ready to get down to business with your Lubbock portable tailgate BBQ grill. These meticulously built, indestructible grills are built with only the best quality materials, and yet they’re so simple to break down, transport and set up again that they’re perfect for all your outdoor cooking needs, from tailgating and backyard BBQs to camping and cooking up fresh fish down at the dock.

Experience the Lubbock Portable Tailgate Cooker Today

Visit FireDisc Cookers online today to find out more and send us an email with any questions. Get your grill today and find out what you’ve been missing. All grills come with a 5-year warranty.