Barin Von Foregger

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I was born in Sardis, Mississippi in the northwest portion of the state, about 45 minutes south of Memphis. At an early age, I was introduced to good eats from all over the state, from home-cooked sweet potatoes and figs, to fried okra and creamed corn – all grown locally. Fish fries were a weekend affair, and most summer nights were filled with the sweet smell of yardbird or beef cooking on the grill. As a teenager, I was fascinated by food, and wanted to be able to cook, but, I didn’t have the patience for the culinary arts.

I cooked everything on high, burned everything I cooked (black beignets are not appetizing), and almost burned down the parent’s house on several occasions. It was so bad, my grandmother gave me a fire extinguisher for Christmas – a FIRE extinguisher! Luckily, I learned that the secret to cooking well is patience and appreciation for the food that was being cooked. Today, I’m comfortable with almost every type of food that can be cooked, and the days of burning the entire meal are (hopefully) behind me. I’m the father of two boys, and enjoy sharing my love for the grill with them. Check out: