Bart Likes

“Long gone are the days of the make shift camp stoves and the undersized camp grills! Here’s to FireDisc, allowing us to cook anything anywhere.”

I am Bart Likes. Two of my greatest passions in life are the outdoors and bringing people together over a nice meal. Some of my favorite memories of being in the outdoors, aren’t necessarily of hunting trophy animals, but are of the great times I was able to fellowship among amazing friends.

Having great influences in my life along with living in the delta of Arkansas, fueled a passion in me for everything outdoors from frog gigging to waterfowl hunting. I absolutely love waterfowl hunting and I have had the opportunity to represent various Outdoor companies as a pro-staff/field expert including: Drake Waterfowl Systems, HEYBO, Moxie& Company, Chaos Outdoor Company, Outright Hunting Products and Flyway Custom Calls.

Hunting day after day and driving countless miles just to pursue my passion as a professional waterfowler, has allowed me to hunt with, who I consider to be, some of the greatest hunters in the industry. With the FIREDISC® in tow, long gone are the days of breakfast bars and packed lunches. The FIREDISC® allows us to really step up our game in the waterfowl industry. From a mega outfitter to the guys sleeping at the boat ramp waiting on that 4 am launch, it’s a game changer.

To sum me up, I was raised by a southern mama who taught me how to cook and Redman chewin’ grandpa who first sparked my love for the outdoors many years ago.