Fathers Day Gift Guide For Outdoor Dads

Posted on Jun 05, 2019

There was nothing like spending time in the woods with Dad.

It seemed like he knew everything. He knew what every tree was. He could tell you where the tracks came from. He could have a fire going in the blink of an eye. If you grew up like we did, you had all this and more. Dad gave us our first knife and showed us how to use it. These are the experiences that shaped us and have kept us coming back to the forest our entire lives. Spending time in the outdoors with Dad is something that sticks with you. Sure, you might have loved your Nintendo when you were a kid, but you don’t remember it like you remember seeing a bear or a porcupine in the woods for the first time, it was all because of your outdoorsy Dad.

The problem with shopping for Dads is that they’re so darn practical. They already have everything they need (and if you borrow it you’d better put it back where you found it). We did some digging and tried to come up with gifts that would make Dad say, “well this is interesting – where did you find it?” Whether your Dad fishes, hikes, or camps, we have something that he’ll put to use, and you can tell him that it was your idea