Escaping New Jersey – Too Windy To Cook Outside?

Article previously featured on Escaping New Jersey (article no longer available on site, but see below)

Have you ever wanted to get outside and throw something on your Firedisc (or grill – btw, time to upgrade) only to have the wind stop you? Maybe the answer is the “Wind Helmet”.

The short video below shows the difference with and without the Wind Helmet. And it only takes a second to install.

Too Windy To Cook Outside?

A link to the product is on the Outdoor Cooking page to help you find it (shameless plug, we make a couple pennies if you use the link ;-} ). When we first got our Firedisc the wind played hell with our cooking. Last night I was using the Firedisc & Wind Helmet in 20+ mph winds and still able to get the job done. Consider this an endorsement (not a paid one)… nice add-on Firedisc.