From Cooking To Hunting — Everything You Need To Bring On Your Hunting Trip

What do you typically include on your hunting gear checklist? When it comes to preparing for your annual hunting trip, preparation is the key to success. You know you need hunting trip necessities such as a tent, sleeping bag, inflatable pad, camp chair and even water purifiers and water jugs. What should you do about food, though?

Although many hunters choose to subsist on dry goods like trail mix and energy bars, we know your hunting party deserves better. With the right hunting cooking equipment, such as a portable grill, you can enjoy a little luxury instead of eating like a bachelor. When you prepare this year’s hunting season checklist, consider upgrading your cooking equipment to accommodate a more sophisticated style of cooking.


Instead of the same-old, same-old approach to outdoor cooking, why not consider adding a small, portable grill to your list of hunting equipment this season? Grills are far more reliable than campfires, as they offer more consistent heating and a portable grill can be quick to set up at your campsite. Even a novice chef can experience success with grilling on a fishing or hunting trip. All you need is some high-quality salt, the seasoning mix of your choice, and the right attitude.

Overnight hunting trips can offer great opportunities for enjoying new and exciting dishes. Imagine being able to enjoy an incredible meal that you just killed, cleaned and prepared within a one-day span — the ultimate in delectable freshness. You do not have to wait until you get home to have your entire haul processed. You may consider locating recipes for duck, goose, elk and venison, turkey and even wild veggies like asparagus.

There really is no limit to your cooking options in camp — use your imagination to create a hunting season checklist that allows you to enjoy a quality dining experience, no matter your preferences.


Most hunters agree that some dry goods are useful on their trips. Many choose to bring low-impact, minimally packaged materials such as bananas, PB&J sandwiches and jerky on their trips, which offer key nourishment early in the day. Hunters can burn thousands of calories during their daily activities, so your hunting gear checklist needs to include plenty of rich and nourishing food to keep you going through the challenging terrain.

We recommend drafting a thorough hunting gear checklist to make sure you have all the important equipment, in addition to your cooking supplies. Depending on your accommodations, these items can include:

  • Maps or GPS systems
  • Tree stands
  • Game carriers (sleds, carts, or ropes)
  • Scent eliminators or attractors
  • Hunting materials such as decoys and game calls
  • Personal protective equipment such as vests and orange tape
  • High-quality gloves, socks, caps, and a full hunting outfit
  • Flashlights
  • Camp materials, including soaps, shovels and toilet paper

You may also consider a grocery list before you take your big trip. If you are looking to cook some gourmet meals at your campsite, preparation is key. Make sure that your hunting cooking equipment is rounded out with key materials such as:

  • Metal pans
  • Foil
  • Cooking utensils
  • Cooking oil and seasonings
  • Cleaning supplies for your grill like paper towels
  • Paper plates and utensils for eating
  • Condiments
  • Cutting boards

Writing down a complete list well in advance of your trip can help you ensure that you remember the equipment and food items you need for a successful hunting excursion. Remember, also, that meal planning for your hunting trip can be easier if you consider useful options for leftovers. For example, the steak you have on the first night can easily be used for breakfast burritos in the morning.


Once you have started using a portable grill for your hunting trips, you will never want to go back to campfire cooking again. From veggies and eggs to robust cuts of meat, the right grill can handle any cooking task. Add a portable grill to your list of hunting trip necessities, and give your hunting party the gift of delicious, satisfying meals at the end of every challenging day.

With hunting season quickly approaching, you are going to want to be prepared for your very first trip of the season. With your FIREDISC® Cooker, you will be able to make the best meals for your friends and family your this hunting season. View our portable propane cookers here.