Disc Cooker Safety 101

Whether you’re using your FIREDISC® portable propane cooker in your backyard, at a tailgate party, on the dock, or in the wild on a hiking, camping or fishing trip, safety is a top priority. With a few simple tips, you can keep your family and friends safe. The right accessories can also provide the disc cooker protection that will keep your FIREDISC® cooker in top shape.


FIREDISC® cookers can be used with a small or large propane tank. Propane can be a considerably safer way to cook outdoors than using charcoal or making a fire with wood. However, it’s essential to take care with it and follow all instructions. Remember:

  • Don’t store the tank in an enclosed area.
  • If you’ve just filled it, take it out of your vehicle as soon as you reach your destination.
  • Check all of the connection points and tighten any that are loose.
  • Check for leaks, and don’t use if you find any.
  • Carefully follow the instructions when using the FIREDISC® Conversion Adapter LP Hose (which you can order along with other cooker tools and accessories).
  • Close the cylinder and turn off the burners when you’re finished using it.
  • If the tank becomes damaged, dented or rusted, don’t use it.
  • Turn off the tank and burners immediately if you smell gas, and get away from the cooker. Do not move it.


The FIREDISC® is designed to fold up and fit easily in the trunk of your car, the hold of a boat and even in your hiking gear. Its three pieces can be assembled in just minutes anywhere your adventures take you.

No matter where you use your FIREDISC®, follow these simple tips to help ensure the safety of everyone around:

  • Keep the cooker away from buildings, railings and low-hanging branches.
  • Never leave the FIREDISC® unattended.
  • On windy days, use the FIREDISC® Wind Helmet to block the wind and keep the flame focused on the cooker. This also helps maximize your cooking temperature.
  • Children can enjoy using the FIREDISC®, but should never be left unsupervised.


You can keep your FIREDISC® cooker free of rust, and looking and working its best, by cleaning it after each use. It’s simple to clean.

If you’re going to keep it outside for the duration of your camping trip or other outdoor adventure, our exclusive FIREDISC® Fireman Red Cover will keep help it free from moisture that can cause rust. It’s made from durable PVC-coated weather-resistant material. We do recommend flipping your disc upside-down when left outside as heavy rains can penetrate the cover. You can find it on our website with our other cooker tools and accessories.


We say the FIREDISC® “cooks it all” because it does! Not just the traditional outdoor grilling fare of meat, fish and veggies, but

  • Stir-frys
  • Soups
  • Quesadillas
  • Eggs
  • Desserts

And much more.

Because the FIREDISC® deep-dish cooker has three different cooking surfaces, you can prepare multiple types of food at varying temperatures all at once. Choose the color and size cooker that best fits your needs.

With the simple tips above, you can help ensure outdoor cooker safety for your family and friends so that you can enjoy your FIREDISC® for years to come.