Pro-Tested Tough

FireDiscs are the most versatile, portable, bullet-proof, never-die cookers ever designed. The FireDisc® is ridiculously portable, yet bullet-proof durable. The design enables an ease of use I have never experienced and greatly appreciate. Set-up takes seconds, even in some of the most challenging and remote fishing locations you can imagine. Then, clean-up is a breeze. When fishing and hunting, every pound carried and inch of space needed for gear is meticulously planned. FireDiscs pack tight.

Lou Gasperin Fishing & Outdoor Ambassador

Every type of fisherman, from diehards to Saturday dabblers, can count on a FireDisc® Cooker to cook up perfection in a range of rugged stream, lake or open-water locales and throughout varying weather conditions. But don't take it from us, take it from a guru. Renowned pro fishing tour competitor, Lou Gasperin, has put his FireDisc to the ultimate test, cooking up everything from steaks and burgers to grilled shrimp, fresh catch, and even soup and chili.

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