Brady Wettlaufer

“You will never work a day in your life if you love what you do. FIREDISC® is a huge part of why we love that quote! For a fishing company that built its reputation on quality and excellence, the proper tools are crucial to maintain it. When you offer quality breakfast, lunch and dinner options along with a fast paced fishing operation you need dependable product. The portability and versatility of FIREDISC® allows us to provide exceptional meals for our clients while fishing on the boats or thru the ice on some of the most remote waters in the state of Co. Simplifying the way we cook outdoors, the portability and reliability, combined with the overall quality gives me and my team the ability to serve our customers nothing but the best.”

Brady Wettlaufer, owner and operator of Steamboat Fishing Adventures in Steamboat Springs Co spent his childhood and teenage years on the beaches of Southern California. Summer trips to the family cabin in Northern Minnesota are where his uncle and grandfather taught him to fish. His relentless pursuit of the ultimate fishing adventure lead to many fly in drop trips deep within the backcountry lakes of Northern Canada. That is where unsuspecting Muskie and illusive Walleye made their way into his photo album. Massive Brim and Barramundi in the remote region of Cairns, Australia were left with new lip piercings as the young fisherman made his way down the coast. While earning his business degree at Western State College in Gunnison Co, Brady was also earning his reputation on the hardwater of the Blue Mesa Reservoir where he could be found experimenting with night ice fishing. A encounter with a old-timer who used artificial light to fish sparked a idea that quickly turned into a obsession. Floating jeep headlights in old styrofoam coolers powered by multiple deep cycle batteries rotated in and out thruout the night was how it all began. Hauling the gear by hand out onto the ice was physically demanding , but the reward of a late night lunker made it all worth while. The evolving night fisherman spent more time on the ice than he did in his own home. Different color combinations, solar panels, bulb types, and ways to waterproof the system were coming together. By the time he threw the cap and put away the gown, Brady took with him not only his business degree, but 1st place and second place ice fishing victories and the hard earned knowledge on how to successfully target night feeding fish and fill the live wells. As time raced on, the young fisherman kept pace and continued follow the fish. Roostertail and Jacks in Baja, Dorado on the fly in Sayulita, long range tuna off the coast of California, and spawning Silvers and Koho Salmon caught far up the Kenai river in the Alaskan wilderness. The recent stop in Alaska was a memorable one as a long range off-shore trip near the coast of Kodiak Island ended with a bang. At 3am under a combination of LED lights that illuminated the clear Alaskan waters, Brady set the hook on a mature Halibut and battled the monster until she rose to the surface along with the morning sun. The catch of his life however can be traced back to his college years where he landed the really big one! A woman who truly lights up his life, beams with positivity and support and emits rays of sunshine is his wife Carrie of 15 years. They met their sophomore year in college and today have 2 beautiful daughters together. Today, you can find Brady offering a very unique fishing experience. Cooking and serving fresh trout to his clients straight from the FIREDISC® has his business leading the pack, far in front of the others. Steamboat Fishing Adventures out of steamboat springs Co has tourists and locals alike lining up and jumping on board to get a taste of both the wonderful food, and the late night fishing action. Both on the open water charters and the hardwater ice fishing seasons, you cant miss the 100k lumens of light that illuminate the ice under his custom aluminum fish houses, and from under the beautiful fleet of custom wired boats. The night is turned to day and anglers can find themselves enjoying the finest cuisine while reeling in 20-30 fish on any given 4 hour adventure. .