Disc Cooker Vs Grill: What’s The Difference

Backyard BBQs are a long-running American tradition. Families for decades have gathered outside around the grill to cook burgers, hot dogs and more, enjoying the great outdoors. Whereas conventional charcoal grills, and later propane grills, have been the most popular cooking tools until now, the new cooking surface on the scene in backyards around the country is the disc cooker It makes grilling out simple and easy, and the disc cooker cooking temperature makes possible to open up a whole new world of cooking possibilities.


The difference between a disc cooker and a traditional grill comes down to the disc cooker surface. Instead of grates with spaces in-between, disc cookers like the FIREDISC® Cooker have one it is not flat but concave as stated below, solid metal surface. Now, with a professional-style cooking surface, you can become the short-order cook you’ve always wanted to be.

While you can still cook conventional grilled foods to perfection on your disc cooker, you can now expand your range and start cooking almost anything you want! The solid surface and the unique concave FIREDISC® Cooker is like the perfect cast iron skillet. It gives you the power to go far beyond the possibilities of a standard grill:

  • Cook soups or chilis like a pro.
  • Prepare mouthwatering breakfast foods like pancakes, bacon and omelets.
  • Make fajitas and quesadillas, cook your own tortillas and even grill up some delicious Mexican discada.
  • Develop new flavors grilling with all sorts of different sauces and oils.
  • Take advantage of a higher disc cooker cooking temperature to make wok-style fried rice or pasta with meats and vegetables of your choice or deep fry your favorite cook-out treats.
  • Grill and season scallops, steaks, pork chops, corn on the cob and more with impressive flavor and easy cooking control. Burgers will end up juicy and delicious instead of dry and overcooked.


A high-quality portable outdoor disc cooker like the easy, 3-piece collapsible FIREDISC® Cooker is a versatile instrument. Just bring your disc cooker and some propane with you on your next camping trip or picnic.

The FIREDISC® is built to last with ultra-high carbon steel construction and a premium flame burner so that you can trust that it won’t let you down. Don’t worry about disc cooker maintenance! It’s powder-coated for incredible heat resistance and the secured fire-retardant handles will make transportation even easier.

The more you use your disc cooker, the better your food will taste. The porous surface will work like your favorite skillet and give you that exquisite seasoned effect that will have you wondering why you ever ate food off of a traditional grill. You’ll also be able to multi-task, cooking many things at once so, you can make the whole family happy. Take advantage of three distinct heat zones to prepare entire meals at once.


Disc cookers are perfect for the outdoorsman on the go, whether you’re a casual hunter,  tailgater, camper or professional grillmaster. The durable construction and 5-year warranty of the FIREDISC® Cooker makes disc cooker maintenance easy and stress-free. When you’re done cooking all you’ve got to do to is wipe it clean with a wet cloth or paper towel, add a light coating of oil and pack it up. You can clean, break it down and pack it up in minutes and be ready to go for your next adventure.