How To Host The Next Friends And Family Outdoor BBQ & Cookout

Do you have some new outdoor grilling ideas, but you think you have to wait until summer to use them? In much of the country, including the South, grilling can be a year-round event. Even in cooler weather, a lot of home chefs fire up their grill, despite snow banks on their patio or deck.

Although some may think you’re a little outrageous when you suggest a wintertime family and friends BBQ party, you do not have to resign yourself to waiting for warmer weather. Plenty of outdoor BBQ ideas translate into fall and winter weather. Take your equipment out of hibernation and get ready to enjoy your favorite outdoor BBQ and cookout recipes, even if summer is not yet at the doorstep.


Trying out your new outdoor grilling ideas in the fall or winter requires a little bit more planning. First, you need to make sure that your equipment is close to the door of your home, out of the wind and protected from winter weather. Cook close to a structure or your home to block the cold blasts that could endanger your gas grill flame.

You may also need to prepare for your wintertime family and friends BBQ party with additional fuel. Many grillers find that they use about 1.5 times the amount of gas to grill in the winter as compared to the summer. This is attributable to:

  • Longer time periods required to get grill to cooking temperature
  • More energy expended to maintain temperature
  • Different behavior of gas in colder temperatures

You may also benefit from trying out your new outdoor BBQ ideas using ceramic or cast-iron cookware, both of which tend to hold food at a higher temperature, making them ideal for winter cooking. Our FIREDISC® cooks similar to cast iron and will help you cook and retain heat in the lower temperatures!



Think you can’t have any fun outside during a winter BBQ? Even when there is snow on the ground, your family and friends can have a great time building snowmen, sledding on a nearby hill or having a good, old-fashioned snowball fight. Tug-of-war is also a great game for wintertime — simply flatten a trench in the snow to serve as the midline and turn your teams loose!

Make sure that your family members and friends are properly outfitted in cozy wintertime attire. If you are having a wintertime BBQ, you may want to clearly communicate about the type of clothing that would be best for your guests, and even have some extra boots and coats just in case.

You do not have to sacrifice the fun of a family and friends BBQ party just because the weather is turning cold! All it takes is a little planning and creativity, and you can have a great time, no matter the season. With the right portable grill, you can have a great meal whipped up for your party in no time at all.

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