There must be 50 ways to leave your old beat-up grill

A grill out of the box is a sweet contraption, indeed. But conventional grills age about as well as an NFL running back. Before you know it, the damn thing’s spending more time on the injured list than in the fray.

Here are five reasons you should take that old grill out to pasture. Get the grill destined for heirloom status, not a landfill fate.

  1. It’s built to last

It’s lightweight but high-quality with ultra high-carbon steel construction. You take care of your FIREDISC® cooker, your cooker will take care of you. There’s no reason it won’t be kicking out quality meals for the next generation.

  1. It’s made to create great-tasting food

Ever bitten into a lighter-fluid flavored burger? Charcoal grilling is hard, and FIREDISC® cooking is easy. There is no need to get heavy-handed on the lighter fluid to get things started.

  1. It cleans fast and is ready to roll

Ever take a look between the grills on your gas grill? There’s a lot of junk down in there, residue from barbecues past. A FIREDISC® cooker gets cleaned and seasoned in a snap after every use. Cleanup doesn’t mean reckoning day.

  1. Nothing falls through the cracks

Who hasn’t had to toss a hotdog or, even worse, a fillet of fish, away because it slipped through the cracks? Your grill grate is great until it can’t hold up your vittles. A FIREDISC® cooker has no escape route for wayward food.

  1. It actually gets better with time

Your pickup truck wishes it was made by FIREDISC®. (So does your hunting dog.) The more you use it, the better it seasons. The more you cook on it, the better you get at it. As additions emerge, there’s no telling what tomorrow holds for FIREDISC® cooking.

Only that it’ll be pretty damned delicious.

Add a FIREDISC® Bundle or FIREDISC® cooker to your cart today and see what it can add to your life.