Helpful Tips for Properly Cleaning Your Outdoor Gas Grill

Designed for efficiency and superior flavor, your FIREDISC® propane cooker is easy to clean without specialized cleaning products. That makes this portable cooker the perfect solution for outdoor enthusiasts who want delicious meals without a tough mess to clean up afterward. Use these helpful tips for properly cleaning your outdoor gas grill.

Wipe the Grill Clean

The propane cooker’s innovative design means that the cooker’s hot surface works to your advantage, easily loosening food and debris without the need for scrubbing. Additionally, the cooker eliminates the need for harsh chemicals or specialized cleaning solutions.

After you’ve finished grilling, start the one-minute cleanup by wiping away solid debris. Next, wipe the cooking surface with a wet dishcloth or paper towel—there’s no need for soap! Then, wipe the surface with a dry cloth and allow it to air dry completely.

Pro Tip: Use Soap for the Very First Wash

If you’re cleaning a brand-new FIREDISC®, wipe the surface with diluted mild dish soap to remove the protective coating we apply to the cooker before shipping. Then, rinse and let dry completely. After the first wash, you will not need to use soap or other cleaning solutions again.

Apply Oil To Prevent Rust

After the cooker dries, coat the surface with a light layer of cooking oil. The cooking oil will help prevent rust from developing, so make sure you apply the oil every time after cleaning.

Consider coating your cooker with the following popular oils:

  • Vegetable oil
  • Canola oil
  • Melted Shortening
  • Lard

If rust does develop on your FIREDISC®, it’s easy to remove because it’s only on the carbon steel’s surface. You can use Bar Keeper’s Friend Cleanser and Polish or a mixture of baking soda and water. After removing the rust, coat the cooking surface with a light layer of cooking oil.

Season for Better Flavors

Coating the cooking surface doesn’t just prevent rust formation; it also seasons your outdoor cooker. Seasoning creates a natural, non-stick surface, making cooking and cleanup simpler and more efficient. It also enhances the flavors of your food, which is why the more you use and season your FIREDISC®, the better your food will taste.

How To Add Layers of Seasoning

To season, start with a clean propane cooker and heat it for 20 minutes. Then, allow the cooker to cool down so that it is just warm. Wear heat-resistant gloves designed for grilling and apply your favorite cooking oil using a paper towel and your gloved hand. Next, turn the heat up until the cooker starts to smoke.

Once the cooker smokes, turn the heat down again and let the FIREDISC® cool. Then, add a second layer of oil just like you did the first layer—with a paper towel and gloved hand. Again, turn the heat up so that the cooker starts to smoke.

Apply two to three layers of oil using the above process. Once the cooker smokes a final time, turn the heat off and let the FIREDISC® cool completely. Finally, wipe the excess oil off.

By leveraging the cooker’s design for an easy cleanup, applying oil to prevent rust, and seasoning the cooking surface, you ensure the grill’s longevity. Follow these helpful tips for properly cleaning your outdoor gas grill to enjoy simple maintenance and delicious food.