Tips to enhance flavor off the FIREDISC®

Treated right, your FIREDISC® will last for decades of delicious dinners. Here’s how to get the best taste on our cooking fare for just as long.

Like a cast-iron skillet, this baby is resilient but needs some love and care for best results.


  1. Season it

Your initial rite-of-passage seasoning sets the standard. Clean well and apply oil after every cook, and you’ll find that flavor gets better each time. Every dish you make contributes to the legacy flavor.


  1. Check the oil

Experiment. You’ll find that some oils, such as extra virgin olive oil, give great flavor to your veggies. Avocado oil is tasty for fried recipes and gives a buttery profile. For oil that lets the food’s flavor shine through, try grapeseed oil.


  1. Use marinade

What to use in any situation would be a series of blog posts in itself. For this purpose, be sure to marinate meat in the fridge in a sealable plastic bag with the air pushed out. It’ll keep a safe temperature, and make cleanup easy.


  1. Bring on the seasonings

The FIREDISC® family of seasonings has everything you’d ever want to sprinkle on your meals. Try seasonings for chicken on beef, or those for beef on your veggies. Mix it up. 


  1. Know your temperature zones

Any char should be an intentional char, not because you left your meat in a hot spot too long. Knowing your heat zones allows you to get a sear from here or a sizzle that won’t fizzle. They also make it easy to multitask your cooking.