Top Tips For Incredible Grilled Veggies

Man cannot live by braised meat alone (but he sure can try.) Adding vegetables to your FIREDISC® meals produces amazing results. Here are tips to get tasty returns on your veggies.

1. Go easy on the oil
Veggies at high heat will dry up without some oil, but you don’t need a gallon of it. Toss them with a light coating; too much adds calories and a risk for flare-ups and greasy vegetables.

2. Prep it right
Modern man can prep veggies better than past human versions. Here’s a quick guide, from our friends at

  • Asparagus: Trim the woody ends.
  • Bell peppers: Seed and quarter.
  • Eggplant, Yellow squash, and zucchini: Cut lengthwise into meaty, steak-like rectangles.
  • Mushrooms: Remove stems and halve, if large.
  • Onions: Peel and quarter through the root.
  • Tomatoes: Buy small ones on the vine, if possible. Keep intact so stems acts as handles for moving blistered tomatoes from the grill.

3. Moderate heat works best
Medium or medium-high is perfect for vegetables, in the middle ring of your FIREDISC®. You can always move them higher in the ‘disc to slow the cooking down a bit.

4. Steaming is stellar for veggies, too
And our Ultimate Steaming Bundle is all the cookery you need for prepping a wealth of steaming dishes. It comes with three of the most coveted cooking weapons we make, and more.