What Tailgating Accessories Do You Need To Host The Best Tailgate?

With fall fast approaching, exciting college and professional football seasons are just around the corner. Are you stocked up with tailgate cooking recipes to impress your friends and family this year?

Bringing a grill to a tailgate opens up diverse options for your pre-game party. From brats to hamburgers, fish dishes, and even traditional Southern barbeque, your grill can deliver the high-quality dishes that make tailgating memorable year after year. No matter which colors you wear, we can all agree that tailgate BBQ grilling ideas bring a special something to your pre-game celebration.


Home cooks who are looking for new tailgate BBQ grilling ideas may feel stuck in the same-old, same-old — but you do not have to grill hamburgers and hotdogs for yet another year.

Instead, consider experimenting with new meats and sauces to liven up your tailgating experience. Today’s tailgate grillers are singing the praises of delicious options including:

  • Hanger steak, a thinner cut of beef that is prized for its richness of flavor
  • T-bone steaks, which offer the mouth-watering satisfaction your guests crave
  • Lamb chops or lamb steak, both of which are delicious when combined with adventurous sauces such as chimichurri
  • Vegetable mixed grills that feature flavorful mushrooms, peppers and even pineapple, designed to appeal to your healthier side
  • Uncured sausages, offering all the taste of a traditional sausage without all the nitrates and other chemicals.

The options for your tailgate party are endless. Many home chefs think they have to keep their recipes simple, but it is possible to bring a touch of gourmet eating to even the most casual tailgating party. Take a look around the parking lot — tailgating has evolved into a culinary competition from one party to the other.

Do your research to learn more about exciting spice rubs, sauces and non-traditional flavors to mix up your tailgate grilling this season.


Sure, the food you cook is important to your tailgate, but it’s those little touches that make the event special for your participants. Take, for instance, the location of your grill. You do not want your friends and family to be irritated by smoke from the cooking food — make sure that you have oriented your grill properly, away from the main gathering space, in order to improve your guests’ comfort.

Setting the stage for the right tailgate is all about convenience. Your tailgate cooking recipes are more likely to be a big hit if your attendees are not confused about what to do. Make sure that your party members have ready access to a hand-washing station, paper towels, utensils, beverages and misters or fans if the weather is hot.


Even if you have the best possible tailgate cooking recipes, your pre-game party can fall flat if you don’t have the equipment to execute your dish. Outdoor tailgating requires a fair amount of preparation — but those who think ahead tend to have a better time.

We recommend assembling a kit with the following items, all of which give you more uninterrupted grill time:

  • The right BBQ tools, including a long-handled fork, meat thermometer, tongs, a basting brush and equipment to clean the grill
  • Disinfectant wipes and kitchen towels to keep key surfaces clean
  • Plastic containers for storing prepared items, such as pre-chopped veggies and marinated meats
  • Condiments for all dishes
  • Paper towels
  • A permanent marker for cups, plates and containers
  • Portable fire extinguisher for safety
  • Trash bags to make sure your tailgating site is tidy after you leave — and even for storage of dirty dishes that you plan to take home.

Some die-hard grill masters even use large toolboxes to organize their tailgating supplies. Feel free to use your creative juices to come up with a system that works best for your family and friends.

With the right preparation and care, this can be your best tailgating season yet! Throw on those jerseys, break out the old fight song and get ready to party the right way with these helpful tailgating tips.