Backyard Cooking

Sometimes The Best Kitchen Isn’t A Kitchen At All

Warning: Neighbors will become immediately jealous. We hope you love your neighbors because as soon as they catch sight of your cooker, not to mention help you indulge in a FIREDISC®-cooked meal, they will never leave your backyard. Your indoor kitchen will also likely be abandoned. Who needs an indoor kitchen when your FIREDISC® can bake, broil, blacken, deep fry, boil, grill, scramble, sauté, sear and steam? Yes, it can cook that, too.

The FIREDISC® cooker is awesome!! Whether we’re using it on tour with the band or on the tailgate of my truck at the deer lease, it always comes through for me. The convenience and compact portability makes it perfect on the tour bus. But the FIREDISC® is equally as functional in my backyard cooking fajitas and drinking beer. Love my FIREDISC®.

- Kevin Fowler
Texas country singer and songwriter

Love how you can cook so many different things, and I don't need to worry about burning the house down! When I cook in the house, I seem to have a problem with smoke... but this takes the flexibility of cooking indoors outside… so I just feel way more comfortable cooking on my FIREDISC® in general.

- Aparis - St Louis, MO

I purchased the cover and spatula / scoop and wind helmet. The quality of all three is impressive. Like Yeti, over-engineered, but not overpriced!

- Kansas City, MO - FIREDISC® User
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