Cooks Anything You Shoot, Catch or Kill

Hunters appreciate the multitude of design features that enable our portable cookers to perform in remote outdoor locations. Fave FIREDISC® attributes for the hunting crowd include the flexible stand, which adapts easily to uneven outdoor surfaces, and the 3-piece portable design, which disassembles seamlessly to pack tight and flat in the car trunk, SUV, RV, tent, truck bed or garage. Bonus: no screws, nuts or bolts to wrestle or lose.

I shoot things…and then I eat them. The FIREDISC®has proven to be incredibly portable, versatile, and efficient in the field. Doesn’t get any fresher than field to plate. Feeding myself, or the whole crew is no problem! I take it everywhere I go.

- Todd Purifoy Outdoorsman, Digital Media Strategist, Photographer
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