Overland & 4×4

Bring It! Portable, Packable, Perfection

For backpackers, every inch of space and pound carried must be carefully scrutinized. FIREDISC® Cookers are so ridiculously portable that it’s finally possible for your gourmet kitchen to hike with you into the remote wilds. Campers consistently rave about the flexible stand, offering seamless set-up on uneven ground. With FIREDISC®, you can go ahead, be picky, and choose your outdoor kitchen for the unreal view – isn’t that the whole point of venturing into the outback?

Best Bundle for your overland adventure extravaganza!!!

FIREDISC® should be a part of every backpacker’s and tent camper’s arsenal. We pack our FIREDISC® into base camp and then have a great, easy way to cook when we return at dark. No more hassling and burning on an open flame!

- Brad Myers
Pro-Staff, Nocked and Loaded

We use our cooker for EVERYTHING at home... Scrambled eggs, sausage & potatoes for breakfast. Burgers & hot dogs for lunch and my husband's specialty, blackened fish for dinner, to name a few! Its super easy to transport so we take it on the road as well!

- GrillMama - Texas

My name is Spanky, a.k.a Mike Herman, a struggling camp cook. Ever try cooking for a bunch of hungry hunters or a group of fly fishermen? Oh let me rephrase that a group of hungry fly fisherpersons! Sorry ladies no offense meant! Oh yeah the problem is that that there never enough cooking surface, ever try cooking for a large number of people wanting bacon, sausage, home fries, and eggs three different ways? Someone is not going to be happy! As we all know, if the foods not good, it doesn’t matter how good of a hunt, or how great of a catch there is – the outing is ruined. No problem with the FIREDISC®! I can cook all I need, any way people like! With FIREDISC®, I can keep food warm by moving it to outer edge, I serve right from cooker, and they are fast, easy to clean, and very portable. All this gives us more time in woods or on the stream! Thank you FIREDISC®, Cabelas, and your recommendation Lou Gasperin! Full sights and tight lines Spankster!

- Mike Herman - “Spanky”, Camp Cook

Best Cooker I have ever seen. Can cook anything! I dominated at the Texans game.

- Texasfan - Houston, TX
Wandering Chefs