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Easy to make, impossible to stop having nightmares about. But also delicious, so it's worth it.
  • Hot dogs
  • Water
  • Hot dog buns
  • Ketchup
  • White onion (optional)
  • Start a large pot of water boiling on the stove.
  • To make fingernails, slice the two sides of the fingernail, then straight across the top. Then make a slightly curved slice for the bottom nail bed. Slice the fingernail piece off the top.
  • To make knuckles, cut a slit along the middle with two crescent slits directly above and below it. Then halfway between the new knuckle and the nail, make two crescent slits. Add two more crescent-shaped slits at the bottom.
  • Cook hot dogs on the FIREDISC® — but don’t overcook. Place each finger into a hot dog bun loaded with ketchup. Smear ketchup on the bottom of each finger and a bit at the top of the bun.
  • Optional: Add a thinly sliced square piece of white onion for the nail. Serve them up and freak them out!