Cody Canada

“I’ve had my share of “Texas best BBQ” on the road. We usually crockpot during the winter but grill during the rest of the year. The gents over at FIREDISC® have made it much easier on us. Thanks dudes”

Cody Canada was the lead singer/songwriter of the Oklahoma based rock-country band Cross Canadian Ragweed from their inception in 1998 to their dissolution in 2010. In that time they sold over a million albums.

Cody Canada has returned to the vintage Cross Canadian form, seizing the opportunity to take the lead of his four-piece band, The Departed, with a newly energized inspiration to get back to his roots. The time he spent pursuing new creative paths with the Departed was a blessing, allowing him time to develop a rejuvenated appreciation for Ragweed’s legendary body of work and the connection it made with fans.