5 reasons you should make the Ultimate Steaming Grate yours

We’re not ones to get involved with gossip, but we’ve heard that the key to next-level cooking lies in one accessory. That accessory: The Ultimate Steaming Grate. Itlifts your cooking.

Here are five reasons you should put one in your cart today.

  1. It’s made for FIREDISC®

We know FIREDISC® Nation lacks nothing for ingenuity. (We’ve seen some of the cooker tables you’ve cobbled together.) But this is a product made to work in your favoring cooking apparatus.

  1. It’s green

If you count the fact that you can grill veggies without it, and steam them with them? That counts as an extra serving of vegetables. Enjoy your favorite greens two delicious ways.

  1. We see seafood in your future

Clams and crawdads. Oysters and lobster. Crab legs! Whatever steamed seafood you love, it’ll go great on an Ultimate Steaming Grate. And plenty of it will fit.

  1. It’s easy to clean

Like the mothership cooker. It’s stainless steel, built to last, and hangs on the side of the ‘disc the way your other weapons do.

  1. Two words: Lowcountry boil

The staples of it will vary, but not the vibe. Shrimp, corn, potatoes, whatever you add, this tastes like sweet summer nights. You have to experience it.