Plow Disc Cooker in Austin TX

Say goodbye to the hassle of charcoal grills and large bulky cookers and fuel tanks. There’s a better way to grill with FireDisc Cookers. Try out the Austin outdoor disc cooker made with all of the best materials and experience how easy grilling can be. 

The FireDisc Cooker is the perfect outdoor cooking solution for hunters, fishermen or ordinary guys who want to enjoy tailgating at football games and NASCAR events without all the stress. The beauty of this outdoor disc cooker in Austin TX is that it’s right for everyone. It’s unbelievably portable and easy, but it can take some punishment, and you’ve never seen a grill that cooks like this one. 

The Top-Quality Plow Disc Cooker in Austin TX

This Austin plow disc cooker started as the dream in the heads of two local Texas boys who used a tractor plow disc for grilling. With the help of some world-renowned chefs and ultra-high carbon steel, that dream has become a reality. The carbon steel gives these grills the taste and non-stick surface of your best cast-iron pan. It also gives you a grill you know will last generations.

With a simple three-piece construction, this Austin outdoor disc cooker breaks down and sets up lightning fast, and you can transport it without having to go through the hassle of loading it into your truck bed. Just bring the grill, your meats and veggies, and a simple 16 oz. green propane tank and you’re equipped for more than two hours of grilling your guests won’t be likely to forget. All it takes is water and about a minute of your time to clean up and then break down, and then you’re back on the road.

Invest in Your Austin Plow Disc Cooker Today

Take action and get your FireDisc Cooker today. With a 5-year warranty and a grill that’s built to stand the test of time, you know it’s worth it. Visit us online to find out more and see why more grill masters choose us.