3 signs you’re ready to buy a FIREDISC® cooker

What caused you to heed the call of FIREDISC® ownership? Some got in casually. Others saw the signs.

Here are three signs you’re ready to buy a FIREDISC® cooker.

  1. You’ve run through an army of grills

Gas grills with cold spots. Charcoal grills that rust out. It’s tough to find a grill built to last. 

If only someone made a cooker out of ultra-high-carbon steel. One that is powder-coated with a pure silicone resin. A resin baked on at up to 450 degrees to form a non-penetrating skin compound. 

Oh wait … someone did.

  1. Something keeps you from cooking

You love to cook. But it’s the grill scraping, the flare-ups, the fussing with wood chips and charcoal … it all kills the vibe. 

If only someone created a cooker you could strap a propane can to and go. Or hook a cooker to a 20-pound gas tank, light the flame and make magic.

Oh wait … someone did.

  1. You’re ready to take gourmet on the road

You’ve got this silly dream of stream-to-plate fish so fresh bald eagles get jealous. You want to kick ass at the tail gate — and not order a “party sub” in a weak effort to do so. You’d like to make your famous paella for the masses. 

If only someone built a cooker easy to use, easy to haul, and easy to clean. One that expands your creativity beyond a cooking surface no bigger than home plate. Or on which you must say, ‘Nope, can’t make that. It’ll stick to the grill or fall through the cracks.’

Oh wait … someone did.

A FIREDISC® cooker is an heirloom, not destined for a landfill. It’s designed for easy use — you have food to make, not time for excuses. And it’s built to haul. We’re talking three pieces, no tools necessary, ready to stow and go where the grub must flow.

Get yourself the cooker that’s made to keep up with you, not weigh you down. Check out FIREDISC® cookers today.