5 cool things this week: State parks, Wagyu sausages, and the fate of the flightless ThunderBird

Between tasty meals whipped up on the FIREDISC cooker, we get to thinking.

There’s a lot of cool stuff going on. It might be something we’ve done on the ‘disc, sure, but we have an eye on the world at large, too. It all feels like a great conversation for when you gather ‘round, doesn’t it?

Here are five cool things we’re thinking about this week.

  1. It’s time to hit some state parks

The kids are out of school. The days are longer and warmer, and Memorial Day weekend kicked off summer. Now’s the time to get the family to get away — and you don’t have to go far. Look for state parks in the area. You can pitch a tent. Cast a line. Hit the nature center with the kids. And fire up the FIREDISC® for Loving the Long Weekend Burger N Fries Foil Packs. And don’t forget the Grilled Watermelon.

  1. These Wagyu Sausages are stout

Over the holiday weekend, we tried out Wagyu Beef Sausage Links. We’d picked various brands, almost as an afterthought, with the last-minute grocery run. It’s time to give this deal more thought! It’s awesome heated to eat on a roll with mustard, but we’ve got to try it in our next gumbo or crawfish boil. It’s hormone-free with no antibiotics, and ships Express 2-Day frozen. Definitely worth it for the next special occasion.

  1. Happy to see Kyler Murray back

NFL fans, we’re less than 100 days away from the season! It’s been a crazy off-season, too, we can all agree. There are lots of Arizona Cardinals fans in FIREDISC® Nation. We’re glad to see star quarterback Kyler Murray back for voluntary workouts. He skipped the first round of sessions, but this is a good sign that both sides are ready to go. Murray didn’t get the contract renegotiation he wanted, but the team picked up his option. He’ll be well-paid, and the Cardinals even traded for receiver Hollywood Brown to help out this season. Brown and Murray are buddies and former University of Oklahoma teammates.

  1. The demise of the Australian Thunder Bird

No, we’re not talking about the Ford classic car. Imagine a 6-foot, 500-pound flightless bird that went extinct about 47,000 years ago. (They could have made decent blockers for Kyler Murray.) Scientists think they went the way of the Dodo bird because Australian humans came on the scene. about then and ate all their eggs. They’ve recently found burned portions of eggshells. And the enormous appetite they had for them could have wiped out the Genyornis. That’s one heck of an omelet. Reminds us that legendary slugger Babe Ruth used to eat a dozen eggs for breakfast. And we imagine one Thunder Bird egg would make lots of Boosted Breakfast Tacos with Egg and Bacon.

  1. A pan-seared steak sounds perfect right about now

With Father’s Day coming up, it’s a good excuse to start thinking about what to cook outside. For pops, or with pops. One suggestion: Madison’s Pan-Seared Steak with Garlic Butter. This recipe got inspiration from a daughter who made her dad a steak for Father’s Day. She then moved from the East Coast to the West Coast. That’s the kind of tale that brings up some good memories. Wherever your old man is this summer, consider getting out to see him, for Father’s Day or otherwise. Whether it’s top-notch ribeyes, elevated burgers, or hell, even tofu, gather round for a meal with him if you can. Have a great week, y’all.