5 important tips for FIREDISC ownership

With experience on the ‘disc, you’ll gain more authority as a FIREDISC® chef.

Learn from those who’ve cooked before you. They’ve done the trial, committed the error, and cranked out bodacious results. Here are tips for those honored to own a FIREDISC cooker.

And, this is just a start.

1. Keep innovating
It’s no coincidence. Backyard chefs posting gorgeous food shots are willing to take a few chances. A recipe is only a guideline, after all. Take a few chances with flavors you dig and dishes you love.
Use Fully Fired Up Fajita Seasoning on hamburgers. Put it on fish, too. Or experiment with Diana’s Secret Seafood Seasoning on chicken fajitas.

2. Join FIREDISC® Nation
Don’t discount the power of Facebook for the common good. Join FIREDISC® Nation to see inspiration, advice, first-cook photos, and more. Pick up recipes and ask your questions.
Show the Nation what you’re brewing! And where you’re brewing it. Users love to comment on your dishes and compliment your settings, too.

3. Add the ‘disc to your arsenal
An outdoor chef knows there’s a balance to the game. A FIREDISC® cooker need not replace all other doodads. It’s an awesome compliment to other worthy brand names out there. Stay versatile.
Fire up a FIREDISC® cooker alongside a pellet grill or even a charcoal cooker. You’ll cook more food faster, and have a variety of flavors, too.

4. Cook for a crowd
Throw a block party. Even a small one, with hefty servings. It’s a snap to crank out Crispy French Fries and FIREDISC® Low Country Boil. And you can’t go wrong with wings!
Start small. Have the extended family over for Garlic Herb Turkey on the ‘Disc or Fish Taco Baja Bowls. Ease into it.

5. Accessorize yourself
We don’t mean mouth grills like the Houston Astros, but hey, if that’s your jam. We’re talking about cooking weapons. Pick the accessories that fit your style and cuisine preferences. And for goodness sake, get the Wind Helmet.
Grab a Disc Sac™ Bowl Case early on for your cooker. This guy will keep your FIREDISC® safe from the elements. And it looks damned good, too.

There are many methods to a great meal on a FIREDISC® cooker. And many means to fruitful ownership. Check these out and keep your mind going on ways to get the most out of the experience. Let’s cook.