Ambassador Spotlight: All About Josh Ward

Our FIREDISC Pro Ambassadors represent a unique breed of men: those that let nothing stand in their way when it comes to getting out and doing what they love best. Rising country music star Josh Ward fits the bill — and then some. Here’s a closer look at why Josh and the FIREDISC propane cooker are a perfect fit — just like a cowboy and his hat.

A Winding Path to the Top

Songwriter and singer Josh Ward’s life wasn’t exactly a straight shot to the top of the Texas country music charts. In fact, he followed up his wayward teen years with jobs on the rodeo circuit and Texas oil fields. No one would say he took the easy route. (And with a philosophy like, “All grit and no quit,” would we really expect any less of him?)

In fact, despite having grown up surrounded by many musical influences, including everything from vintage gospel hymns to classic country, Josh didn’t learn to play guitar until he was already a working man. His earliest gigs? Playing music in the parking lot prior to a rodeo show.

But talent is talent, and when Josh set his sights on a career in music, success came naturally to him. After joining a band in 2003, he became a fixture on the Texas honky tonk circuit. He went on to form his own group and the rest is country music history.

Today, Josh boasts three celebrated albums, nine consecutive #1 hits, a fierce social media following, and more than three million streams globally on Spotify.

On the Road Again

Says Josh reflecting on his success, “I never thought I would be rolling down the road with one of the hottest bands in Texas playing shows across the United States. I’m happy to be here.”

Speaking of rolling down the road, Josh sees a whole lot of country while averaging 200 tour dates a year. And while sleeping in a different night every town has its ups and downs, there’s nothing else Josh would rather be doing. “It’s always an honor to see your name alongside artists that you’ve looked up to and toured with,” he insists.

Still, eating on the road can get old pretty quickly — especially when you’re a self-professed fan of home cooked food. Enter the FIREDISC. Raves Josh, “The FIREDISC is the perfect cooker for my lifestyle. It’s great for home and especially on the road with the band!”

Life on the road is tough, but so is Josh Ward. And so are FIREDISC outdoor cookers. Easy to assemble with no tools or hardware, operating on readily available propane canisters, and adaptable to uneven surfaces, the rugged FIREDISC travel cooker doesn’t just hold up to life on the road, it was engineered to. From tailgating and hunting to camping and backyard cooking, the FIREDISC is designed to go wherever life takes you — including on the road with the band.

An old saying goes that, “The best way to describe a cowboy is mud, blood, guts, and glory.” Some might argue that a hearty meal cooked and devoured in the great outdoors also belongs on that list. Whether you’re a road warrior like Josh Ward or just have the heart of one, the FIREDISC is a trusty 21st century companion and the ultimate road trip grill. To find and connect with even more FIREDISC enthusiasts, join The Owner’s Group today.