Hot Dog Day, done right, on the FIREDISC

Cool as pizza is, there isn’t a huge automobile shaped like a slice of it making icon trips across America, is there? Ditto, the cheeseburger. Nope, love them or hate them (how could you hate them?) hot dogs are pure Americana.

But they can go crooked in a hurry if you don’t cook them up, right.

We’ve talked to our share of frankfurter fans to know what to do, what not to do, and why we do or we don’t. It’s about time we impart that wisdom on you, FIREDISC® Nation. But first:

What are hot dogs made of?

Don’t believe the hype, y’all. Yes, animal parts go into your typical pack of hot dogs, but it’s not unmentionables and leftovers. It’s the same meat that goes into ground beef or pork. They’re trimmings, that’s all. Maybe they didn’t make the grade as a roast or a steak. But it’s still good meat, and it’s still good eating. Hot dog fans know this by experience.

Tip for the total hot dog

  1. Fire up the FIREDISC®  

Grill marks are overrated. They’re like a lot of those merit stickers on a football helmet for a really crappy team. Sure, you’ve done a lot, but for what? Grill marks come from a process called the Maillard reaction, which happens when amino acids and carbs hit the heat.

You have cute little stripes on hot dogs from a gas grill. On a FIREDISC®? That effect isn’t limited to tiny lines. So fire up the ‘disc, make sure you have a spare propane tank and Ultimate Gripping Weapon at hand, and let’s go.

  1. Be picky

Beef, pork, combination, whatever. Whatever appeals to you most. For grilling goodness, uncured and natural casing works best for the FIREDISC, regardless of the meat. You can’t skimp on steak, and you can’t skimp on cheap hot dogs, either. Spring for the good stuff.

  1. Bathe ‘em

Not a bath of luxury, but a good 3-5 minutes in simmering water or a hoppy ale. Yes, the beer will add a touch of flavor and toughen up the casing for better taste and grillability.

  1. Low and slow

No one likes a death-charred dog. Keep the ‘disc at medium heat, and cook the dogs through evenly. Keep them moving along the top or middle heat ring.

Letting a tip get too close to the hottest middle zone will result in overcooked ends. If you notice ends cooking faster, simply flip them around so the other end of the dog is toward the innermost ring and turn down the heat a bit.

You can put a final char on a few dogs at a time in the center ring but keep them moving.

What you need is a FIREDISC bundle

All this cooking talk sound even better when you don’t have to worry about where the cold spots are on your gas grill. Upgrade today to the cooker built to haul and cooks it all. FIREDISC® cookers are built to last and have hundreds of hot dog cookouts in them. Get yours today.