How to set up your RV cooking spot

Next time you find yourself on the open road, take your FIREDISC® cooker along. It’s built to haul and cooks it all, and stows on the RV. Here’s how to get your space set up, right.

  1. Plan it

Make a grocery list from your menu. Cut, marinate, shuck, slice, and store all your ingredients so that all you have to do is toss in on the disc. Who wants to julienne peppers while everyone’s enjoying a cold one?

  1. Bring a cooler

Not only to keep your meal prep handy but also cold ones within arms reach. You’ll want a durable model that you’ll keep for the long haul. Consider your usual traveling party when picking out the size, too.

  1. Start clean

Whether you’re getting things together in the RV or out on a folding table, keep it tidy. Clean up all dishes and utensils before hitting the sack so you can start the day fresh. Because space is often in short supply, it pays to keep the order as much as possible!

  1. Keep it simple

You might want to whip up something impressive, especially if you’re among your peers. Stick to simple recipes you’ve mastered for best results. It’ll take the stress and disappointment out of the equation if the meal doesn’t go as planned.

  1. Check on the rules

Most parks expect you’ll bring a cooker. Sometimes, burn bans might inhibit your ability to get your cook on FIREDISC® style. Especially in new areas, check local and current regulations. Also, never leave your cooker unattended.