Practical tips from FIREDISC® Nation on FIREDISC® life

They ought to put a patent on it. FIREDISC® life is one of creativity and community. And kickass cooking. Here’s some advice straight out of the ranks that we can apply to #FIREDISCLife.

  1. Spring for the real-deal lid

You can get something that fits for less money. But the Ultimate Flattop Lid belongs on the FIREDISC® cooker. And with a rubber handle, vent, and hook to hang it on the ‘disc, it acts like it, too.

  1. Share your recipes

The Nation loves seeing your results, especially those #FirstCook ones. But if it’s good, they’re going to want to make it. Share your methods, even if it’s a list of what you tossed in to make it happen.

  1. Want seasoning advice? Scroll.

Man, lots of folks have had questions about seasoning this beautiful beast. Of course, home pros step up and give advice. And remind us all that if your seasoning goes sidewards, you can always sand down and reset.

  1. Speaking of seasoning … get the seasonings

They’re the Sensational Six, the pillars of so many fantastic FIREDISC® eats. And the Nation sticks by them, even for use outside the ‘disc. Get the set of six and you’ll see a favorite emerge — get creative with it.

  1. There are no dumb questions

… only the ones you don’t ask. You might get some sass and lip, but nothing horrible. This is a seasoned bunch. You’ll get tips from people like you who love putting together an incredible meal.