The Many Different Types Of Griddles

There are plenty of outdoor griddles on the market. Some are fine for backyard barbeques. However, the FIREDISC® Portable Propane Cooker is unique. It’s specially designed to fold up and carry with you, wherever you go. It’s perfect for:

  • Camping
  • Hiking and backpacking
  • Hunting and fishing trips
  • Tailgate parties
  • Barbeque contests
  • RV vacations

And, of course, for backyard cooking.

How does the Firedisc compare to other popular types of griddles?

Electric griddles are fine — as long as you have a source of electricity nearby. You may have an electric griddle that you use for backyard cooking and even at campgrounds where you have access to an electrical source. If your outdoor adventures take you into the wild, however, you can’t depend on an electric griddle to cook up a meal.

Charcoal griddles are the ones that most of us grew up with. Some people like that smoky taste to their burgers, hot dogs, veggies and whatever else they cook. However, you need to keep charcoal and lighter fluid handy. You need to wait for the charcoal to heat up, and you have no control over the temperature.

The FIREDISC® cooker works with a lightweight, portable propane gas canister. Just hook it up and it starts cooking in seconds. The cast iron skillet is specially designed to be porous for optimal seasoning. It’s every bit as non-stick as any Teflon griddle. After a quick clean-up with water and then a light coat of cooking oil, it’s ready for your next meal. You also don’t have to worry about the chemicals used to make Teflon griddles.

Unlike electric griddles, the FIREDISC® cooker lets you cook on three separate surfaces and different temperatures. You can prepare meals on family camping trips that will satisfy even the pickiest eaters. Besides the usual outdoor fare of meat and fish, FIREDISC® cooks:

  • Vegetables
  • Eggs
  • Pasta
  • Sandwiches
  • Soups

And much more. If you’re having a backyard party, you can cook a complete meal from appetizers to dessert on your FIREDISC®. If you’re out in the wild, you can cook whatever you’ve caught that day.

Easy to assemble (and take apart)

Unlike many outdoor griddles, the FIREDISC® breaks down into three parts. It can be assembled in just minutes and set up virtually anywhere – even on rough terrain. It can also be easily disassembled and packed away quickly without tools. It fits in the trunk of your car, the hold of your boat or the back of your truck. When you get home, it fits easily into any corner of your garage.

The FIREDISC® will cook for hours on a portable propane cannister that weighs just over a pound. If you’d like to use a larger tank for a multiday trip, just use the FIREDISC® conversion adaptor hose.

There’s no need to throw away your electric griddle or your charcoal one. You can leave it set up in your backyard. However, we think that once you taste food made on your FIREDISC®, you won’t want to cook outdoors on anything else –- whether in your backyard or wherever your outdoor adventures take you.