Tips for cooking tropical cuisine

If you’re conscious of your summer setting, you know there’s a need for something tropical.

A FIREDISC® cooker is built to haul and cooks it all. And that includes a bit of tropical food, too. On the back deck or the boat deck, these tips will take you from latitude to longitude with ease.

1. Grill some fruit
Take that harvest (from your orchard or the farmer’s market) to the ‘disc. Fresh fruit on the FIREDISC cooker brings out a smoky-sweet, caramelized treat. Skewer it or slap it right on the grill.
PRO TIP: Toss grilled fruit in salads, as an accompaniment to a main dish, or with a scoop of ice cream on top.

2. Make veggie fritters
Vegetable lovers can take part in tropical cuisine. Grate veggies such as squash and zucchini, with egg, flour, garlic, and parmesan cheese. Flatten into patties and fry them until crispy and delicious.
PRO TIP: Top your fritters with ketchup or sour cream.

3. Use your coconut
Thanks, common coconut, for transporting food immediately to tropical climes. Use it in the batter for shrimp. Use it shredded with butter to top any dessert creation.
PRO TIP: Coconut needs a little sweetness. Consider adding honey to coconut in breading or dessert toppers.

4. Hit the halibut
Those who cook as a profession know: that Halibut is a tasty, sturdy grilling fish. Its mild flavor makes it a perfect base for a tropical dish, whether grilled or steamed. Give your fish tacos a twist with halibut and grilled fruit.
PRO TIP: Don’t over-season halibut. It has a sweet taste to it and would bode well for a spicy addition, such as salsa.

5. Spice it up
Herbs, spices, and sauces can add a kick to your cuisine, and tropical is no exception. Try turmeric in a spice mixture for an earthy taste in your meals. Cumin, common in Mexican food, gives a delicious, spicy touch. Use coriander for rubs and in salads for a mild yet noticeable change.
PRO TIP: Jerk sauce evokes island life. It’s salty, spicy, and sweet, and can go with about any grilled or fried meat with tropical flair.

Unforgettable meals are at the heart of FIREDISC cooking. Add something with a tropical twist to your weekly meal planning. Experiment with these different elements. Let’s eat!