What is the best cooker for RV traveling?

RV life has swept the nation.

Even before the coronavirus epidemic forced many Americans to stop most commercial travel, RV life had already taken hold.

Statistics show that more than 1 in 10 Americans own an RV, with a particular uptick in Millennial use. About a million Americans live in an RV. So ingrained into modern life is RVing, that the hashtag #VanLife has about 6 million mentions on Instagram alone.

This nomadic lifestyle – for living or traveling – calls for efficiency. In fuel, in travel costs, in what you pack, and where you park. RV folks are savvy at keeping costs down while investing in their vehicle, which becomes a second home to many. RV life gives many the freedom to explore the nation at their own pace while saving costs they would otherwise use on hotel accommodations.

What is RV life?

It’s a mindset, really. Of a desire to play by one’s own rules. Doubters ask RVs all the time: Surely, you can’t live in one of those, can you? But with average monthly campground fees about $667 per month, RVers can save more than $150 on living expenses. In an RV, you can live at the beach for one month, in the mountains the next. You’ll likely spend more time outdoors, which is good for anyone, to get a bit more sun and fresh air.

Some RVs come with built-in kitchens. But the RV life lends itself to outdoor cooking. It’s too bad bulky gas grills are cumbersome to travel with, and puny gas ranges can’t produce more than a small pot of food at once.

That’s what makes the FIREDISC Cooker the perfect RV companion.

What is a FIREDISC Cooker?

FIREDISC is the ultimate portable propane cooker. Not only can you make virtually any recipe in it, but it’s also easy to use, a snap to clean, and tucks away nicely in limited RV storage. FIREDISC owners can boil, blacken, fry, grill, sautee, and sear a wealth of delicious meals, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A 1-pound propane cylinder – much safer to travel with than a 20-pound propane tank needed for a full-sized grill – can cook several meals.

4 reasons FIREDISC is perfect for RV life

It’s super portable

FIREDISC is built to haul and cooks it all. While you’re parked, you can cover your FIREDISC with a universal cover. For storage, it conveniently breaks down into three main parts, two leg components, and the disc. It easily fits in a narrow storage compartment. At 55 pounds for the short FIREDISC and 60 pounds for the tall, it’s as lightweight as a medium-sized dog.

It’s good for any meal

Why follow up a dinner of pork tenderloin and soya sauteed vegetables with a bowl of cereal for breakfast? FIREDISC cooks it all, including breakfast. (South Texas Breakfast Tacos will do the trick.) It can definitely take care of lunch (grilled sausage and peppers ciabatta sandwiches anyone?) and even dessert (like Bananas Foster. Really.)






You get to cook outside

No one wants to be the guy stuck in the RV kitchen prepping dinner, while everyone else shoots the bull in lawn chairs by the campfire. (And if you’ve ever tried to make a meal on a stick over a campfire, you know the limitations there.) The cook and the FIREDISC become the main attraction, not tucked in a corner. The very nature of it invites others to gather round.

Easy cleanup

Also, no one wants to be that guy scrapping grill grates or waiting for the charcoal to cool off enough to toss it out. FIREDISC cleanup is quick and easy. Just wipe out with water and a cloth, then reapply cooking oil to the surface. You’re done with cooking duty in time to get some of that Bananas Foster if you play your cards right.

Why FIREDISC fits the RV life

The RV life is all about excellence and efficiency – in your wheels, your destinations, your travel mates, and your meals. FIREDISC cookers are made for the lifestyle. Super versatile, yet able to discreetly store between uses. It’s the ultimate superstar – stellar in performance, humble everywhere else.

Get your FIREDISC cooker today

Don’t log another mile in that gorgeous RV of yours without a FIREDISC cooker along for the ride. It comes in short and tall sizes, black or fire engine red, and also in bundles that include extras such as spice collections and ultimate cooking weapons. Pick yours out today.




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