Your new cooking jam: Grilling fruits

You can add a tropical taste to your cooking adventures, even if you’re not out riding the waves.

Outdoor chefs know this: Flavor is better when you grill. You’ve seen it in a Ribeye and you’ve seen it in cauliflower. Fruit has the same upgrade experience out on the grill.

Here are five fruits you should slice up and cook for your next FIREDISC® cooker outing.

Tips for grilling fruit
Killer results are easy when you cook fruit on the grill. But you can’t treat pineapple as you would pork chops. Here are some tips.
1. Oil it
Easy does it, but a little olive or coconut oil, or even butter, can be a benefit. It’ll enhance flavor and keep fruits from sticking to the cooking surface.
2. Skew it
Firm fruit is perfect for a skewer. Most fruit works well directly on the cooker, on low heat, too.
3. Cool it
Fresh off the cooker, your fruit will be hot, even at low heat. Plus, fruit contains water, which can heat up in the cooking process. Give it a beat to cool off.

5 fruits to cook on the FIREDISC®

1. Apple
Slip some slices onto the grill and sear something scrumptious. Peel apples and cut them into quarters. Remove the core and seeds, and sprinkle with lemon juice. This keeps the cut pieces from browning.
Firm apples work best. For the tart taste, pick a Fuji or Granny Smith. For sweetness, reach for a Honeycrisp or Pink Lady.

2. Banana
The main thing to remember is that they won’t take long to cook! Peel bananas and slice in half lengthwise. It’ll take 2 minutes per side. Firmer bananas work best.
Serve them with ice cream and your favorite toppings. Go for chocolate sauce, chopped nuts, or toasted coconut flakes.

3. Peach
Grilled peaches are out of sight. Cut them in half and take out the pits. A brush of honey or sprinkle of cinnamon will add flavor. Grill until peaches are hot through and through.
Pair peaches with cold wine or ice cream. Or both. You can even grill them with the residual heat from your dinner cooking.

4. Pear
These take a bit of warming to make something awesome. Slice into wedges, and remove the stem, core, and any seeds you see. Brush with coconut oil and add a little sea salt for the best taste ever.
Use a melon baller to remove the core. Bartlett pears work best, firm and not quite ripe. You could try melted butter in place of coconut oil for grilling.

5. Watermelon
If we did a bracket to determine the champion of fruit grilling, watermelon might be the winner. Slice up a seedless variety, into thick wedges or one-inch-wide round pieces. They won’t take long in the heat!
Try this Grilled Watermelon recipe. Pair it with a sweet and spicy seasoning. Keep the rhine on to hold it together in the heat.

Let your dinner guests become the beneficiaries of such innovative cooking. We’re supposed to get in our fruits and vegetables, right? Try these methods with others for making tropical cuisine next time you fire it up.