Portable Camping Propane Cooker in California

Here at FireDisc, we're changing the California portable camping propane cooker industry forever.

You love camping, and you've used portable cookers for years. It is easier than always having to rely on a fire, and it gives you superior meals when compared to powdered foods and trail bars. Unfortunately, the quality of the cookers is aways so low. They break. They wear out. They cook unevenly. They waste fuel. You're never satisfied.

If that sounds like you, it is time to call FireDisc. Our California portable RV propane cooker changes the game forever. With unsurpassed quality, we finally give you a portable device that you'll love to use and meals you'll love to eat.

The Advantages of Our Portable Camping Propane Cooker in California

When you choose our California portable RV propane cooker for your next trip, you get: 

  • Options: Choose a 24-inch stand, a 36-inch stand, a shallow cooking surface or a deep cooking surface. Choose from red or black finishes. Customize your cooker to make it exactly what you want.
  • Portability: The cooker breaks down into three simple parts. You can take it apart or set it up in seconds. This makes it very easy to transport anywhere.
  • Ease of use: Clean it with nothing but water. Dry it off in seconds. Get ready to move your camp without the hassle.
  • Extras: We offer plenty of accessories to use with your new cooker, and we offer recipes so you can learn to cook new meals you never thought you'd enjoy on the go.

Our California portable camping propane cooker, with its classic disc plow cooker design, runs on just a small 16-ounce propane canister for two hours.

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