Sommer’s Spooky Halloween Donuts

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Kids will love reaching for these colorful beasts — and they’ll have even more fun making them. Start with Homer-worthy Homemade Doughnuts (skip the glaze steps and do this instead.) Thank you to our friends at a spicy perspective>
  • 12 ounces white frosting
  • 12 sets plastic vampire fangs
  • 1 package large candy eyeballs
  • Colors of “jimmies” sprinkles
  • Colors of sugar sprinkles
  • Licorice pastels
  • Spread frosting on top of each donut. Press one pair of plastic fangs deep into the hole of each donut. Add two candy eyes above fangs on each donut.
  • Shake jimmies over frosting of each donut. Add sugar sprinkles to fill in the gaps. Add licorice pastels as eyebrows.