Portable Tailgate BBQ Grill in Houston TX

Hanging out before the game will never be the same after you get the Houston portable tailgate BBQ grill from FireDisc.

In the past, you always had to choose. You could bring a huge, expensive grill that was nearly impossible to transport and took up an incredible amount of space, and you'd get quality cooking. Or, you could buy a low-quality grill that was portable, but that quickly wore out and never cooked the way you wanted it to. Either way, your tailgate went from excitement to disappointment very quickly.

Introducing the Best Houston Portable Tailgate Cooker

We've changed all of that. Building off of the old plow disc cooker design, we created a portable cooker that does an incredible job, finally melding quality and size into the perfect product. Some of the perks of our portable tailgate BBQ grill in Houston TX include:

  • A high-caliber steel design that seasons even better than cast iron, offering unprecedented flavor.
  • The ability to clean it with nothing more than water, meaning you're not wasting time before or after the game.
  • An excellent design that allows you to set up and break down the entire Houston portable tailgate cooker in mere seconds.
  • An efficient cooking surface that allows you to cook for two hours on one 16-ounce propane canister.
  • A wide range of accessories so that you can get every single tool you need.

Don't compromise anymore. Don't give up on the delicious food that you love just because you're on the go. Don't suffer with slow-burning charcoal or sub-par cooking methods. After you've had just one meal on our Houston portable tailgate BBQ grill, you'll never look back. 

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