Outdoor Griddles in Austin TX

Come try the Austin outdoor woks of the future with FireDisc Cookers. These grills, born of pure Texas innovation, bring new definition to high-quality grilling. Whether you’re an outdoorsman cooking fresh game every weekend or a casual chef who wants to cook some burgers every now and then in the summer, this is the solution for you.

These outdoor woks in Austin TX are made with only the best ultra-high carbon steel. That means premium, sturdy construction that won’t let you down, and easy, spectacular cooking that will leave your family and buddies drooling. It seasons like your cast-iron pan at home, and the non-stick surface makes clean-up a breeze. 

The Austin Outdoor Griddles for Everyone 

The FireDisc Cookers were designed to be right for every occasion. It’s worthy of everyone from your average hunter to a world-famous chef. No quality sacrifices were made to give you an excellent, sturdy grill that’s easy to transport. Don’t have your truck for carrying your outdoor griddles in Austin TX this weekend? Break this grill down to three simple pieces and stow it in your trunk.

Forget your other tools? Don’t worry! With these Austin outdoor woks all you need is the grill, a compact, 16 oz. tank of propane and water for cleaning up afterward. With a premium 22” pan, you can fit up to eight hamburgers at once or up to 4 lbs. of delicious Tex-Mex fajitas. Tired of burgers? Cook up to five gallons of your favorite Texas chili for the whole tailgate party with this versatile grill for all seasons.   

Buy Austin Outdoor Griddles Online Now

If you’re ready to kick your grilling up a notch and invest in an outdoor cooking solution you’ll be able to pass on for generations, choose FireDisc Cookers. Visit our outdoor woks and other products here!