Why a FIREDISC® cooker is perfect if you’re retired

You could take up pottery or go hard-core into cribbage. Retirement doesn’t have to be always so low-key, though. In fact, FIREDISC® cooking is perfect for those who’ve already claimed that gold watch.


  1. You can slow cook

Got time on your hands? Why not spend it with a slow-cooked soup or stew? FIREDISC® cookers are as good for the simmer as they are for the sizzle.   

  1. It’s good for healthy eating

And by healthy eating, we don’t mean boring foods. You’ve earned the right to delicious, health-conscious foods and occasional indulgences. This cooker’s designed to cut grease and give you tasty options.

  1. It’s easy to cook for one or for many

You’re as likely to cook for yourself or you and a partner as you are for a crowd. FIREDISC® cookers can accommodate. Bust out Southwest Texas Tacos when the kids and grands visit. Cook Campsite Avocado & Eggs for one (or two) on quieter mornings. 

  1. It’s fun to teach

Show your kids, neighbors, or partner how to cook on your FIREDISC® cooker. It’s a breeze to cook on and a lot of fun to boot. It’s a fun way to pass on the legacy of your cooking.

  1. It’s ready for adventure, too

Ah, freedom. That means no more time clock, and that means #RVLife at last. Either way, this versatile cooker is easy to stow, easy to clean, and ready for what’s next.


There’s always something hot in FIREDISC® Nation

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